What Design Trends will be Huge in 2021

As we say goodbye to 2020, we look ahead to 2021 and here are a few Interior Design styles we think will be huge.

As we say goodbye to 2020, we look ahead to 2021 and here are a few Interior Design styles we think will be huge.

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  1.  Cottage Core

    Embraced by millennials and Gen Z all over social media, cottage core is the aesthetic and ideals of a simpler time. It embraces coziness, natural elements and more traditional spaces. Perhaps it was due to the increased time many spent indoors during the 2020 pandemic, or a hopefulness to return to a simpler time, but this is a movement that resonated with young people across the globe. How can you incorporate this style? Think less minimalism and more filling your space with handmade, vintage and heirloom pieces that resonate with you personally.

  2.  Furniture as focal piece

    Art is no longer only for the walls, but instead we are seeing furniture embracing not only function but form in adding unique statement and sculptural pieces to spaces. Curves and natural movement in furniture pieces and brighter colors are key to nailing this trend.

  3. Warm Tones

    Beige is back, grey is out! We are seeing a return to warmer toned neutrals, natural wood and soft warm lighting. While white is still popular, softer whites are preferred and harsh and overly bright artificial lights are out. Looking to add color? Opt for warmer and softer tones.

  4. Wallpaper

    While this trend is not new, the styles are becoming more vibrant and colorful. Geometric prints are starting to fade making way for vintage and natural inspired prints. Many are incorporating this once considered outdated decor in new and fresh ways and adding to the warmth and coziness of homes. Does wallpapering a whole room seem daunting? Many are embracing wallpaper as a feature wall or in smaller spaces such as powder rooms.

  5. Green 

    Thank actress Dakota Johnson for sparking this trend when her green kitchen was featured in Architectural Digest last year. This color will be everywhere, and fear not, you don’t need to repaint your entire kitchen cabinets, many home decor accessories will be seen in this color. House plants are another way to embrace adding more green to your space, they are still seeing popularity in the interior design world!