What features add resale value to your home?

For many buyers, adding resale value is a prime concern for any new home they build.

For many buyers, adding resale value is a prime concern for any new home they build. Some build with the intention of selling right away, whereas others may be thinking of a time in the future they will either need to upsize or downsize. Here are 5 tips on how to design your new home with resale in mind.

1. Envision your potential buyers
Who is primarily going to be interested in your home? Your Neighbourhood demographics are a great tool to discover who your potential buyers are. Consider what the average home sells for in your neighbourhood. Is your neighbourhood young families or older empty nesters? Is your neighbourhood seeing more infills? By knowing your demographics you are able to determine what features are important to a potential buyer as well as determine their potential budget.

What does your neighbourhood say about your potential buyer?

2. Invest in features that provide a high return of investment.

Add extra budget to features in your home that will entice potential buyers and stay clear of gimmicky or trendy features that may date your home. Consider adding features that will save a home buyer time and money in the future – this can include high efficiency items or finishes that require less maintenance.

Invest your money into areas that will help set your property apart from similar homes in the neighbourhood such as exterior curb appeal, kitchens and master bathrooms. 

Vaulted ceilings and stone or brick fireplaces are great focal features in a home
Ample storage and functional spaces are prime concerns for many potential home buyers

3. Think Timeless Design

Remember you are wanting to appeal to a wide variety of design preferences, so when picking interior and exterior finishes avoid trends and choose timeless elements. Ensure there is a cohesive look throughout with elements such as lighting, flooring and cabinets. Avoid a piece meal look by sticking to a predetermined color palate. Avoid loud and bright colors and opt for neutrals and natural materials.

Neutral and simple colors and materials appeal to a majority of people
Natural finishes such as stone and wood are always in style

4. Prioritize Natural Light

Natural light is very important in appealing to buyers. Ensure windows are proportional to the space. If considering an infill property, you may be restricted to the size and number of windows on the neighbouring sides of the property. Consider things such as sight lines and privacy in spaces such as washrooms and bedrooms. Natural light is key for helping a smaller space feel bigger, and can drastically change a space for better or worse.

Consider adding transom style windows or frosted glass in private areas to include more natural light

5. Ensure your home is built Right

Design can only get you so far, ensure your home is built sound by hiring the right professionals. If you are building with the thought of selling immediately, take pictures of the construction process to show potential home buyers. Keep detailed records of all the trades involved if warranty issues arise.

Neat and tidy wiring, a sign of a good electrician