What should I consider before designing my home?

Use this blog post as a resource when beginning your project.

Your Lot
  • What is your Lot zoned as?
  • Is your lot in the City or the country? 
  • How large can you build? (building pocket, set backs)
  • Can you have a secondary suite? (For garage and basement suites)
  • Rear or Front garage?  Where will the driveway be located? 
  • Are there other existing structures on the lot?  Sheds, garages, workshops, desks, pergolas? These can impact the size of your new home if you wish them to stay.
  • Maximum height allowed?
  • Landscaping – do you want to avoid cutting down any mature trees?  Does your property have a right of way?
  • New home will have a deck?  Covered or uncovered? 
Your Community guidelines
  • Infill properties – the City may need to take into consideration sight lines and privacy from your neighbouring lots
  • Is your neighbourhood part of a Mature Community Overlay?
  • What is the style of your neighbourhood? 
  • What will the permit process cost?  Engineer stamps and fees? Project Management fees?  
  • What exterior finishes will we use? How many different exterior finishes will be used?
  • How large will we build?
  • Will your home have simple vs complex roof lines?
  • Will your home have standard or luxury height ceilings?
  • What windows and doors will be used?
  • Energy efficiency?  
Your Time Line
  • When do you want to start building / break ground?
  • How long will your design take?  How long will your permit approval take?
  • Are there lead times on material currently?  
  • Are you planning on applying for permits during a busier period?
Your Personal Style
  • What design style will your home follow? You can explore your style at the bottom of our homepage.
  • Does your home express your personality?  
  • Is this design trendy or is it something that truly resonates with you?
  • Is your design cohesive and harmonious?
Your Lifestyle
  • Single, Young Family, Age in Place, Multi-generational?
  • Do you want to create income generating space?
  • Do you need to accommodate a family member with reduced mobility or special needs? 
  • How long do you see yourself living in this home?  Do you have young children and want a home that can grow with a growing family?  Do you want to have space for future needs?  
  • Is there enough storage?
Resale Value
  • Is the design practical and timeless?  
  • Is the design well suited to the current real estate market? 
  • Is there resale marketable assets? 
  • Is there enough natural light?  
The Construction of your Home
  • A well designed home is not only beautiful, but it is buildable. Our expertise take current building codes, and industry best practices into consideration. This ensures your project is built right.